Tuesday, May 4, 2010

why should i aware of cervical cancer, part1

when i was in highschool, maybe 7-8 years ago, my mum had cancer..cervical cancer.. A cancer that every women is affraid of... i was shocked, my family was shocked.. she didn't show us any indication that she's sick.. or worse, she didn't even know that she has cancer...

maybe she already felt something wrong when she has a vaginal bleeding..not during her period. but she ignored that. and yes, she was wrong. it's not an usual vaginal bleeding,. it's her body try to reminds her, that there is something wrong inside. she was 40 at that time and in stage IIB.
this is a healthy cervix. via : pennmedicine

can you see, that cancer cells spread? via : kanker serviks

i never see my dad look so hopeless, suddenly, i realise that i dont want to lose my family member in this situation. we (my sister and i) run here and there accompanying my dad looking for a "O" bloodtype at PMI, it was night and we need to have that O bloodtype for my mum cervical cancer surgery in the morning.
thank God, we get it.

the operation was lasts for 6 or 8hour... doctors need to pulled out her uterus since her cancer cells already spread to uterus. she was totally suffered. it's not the end, she needs a chemotherapy treatment to stop those cells multiplying.  source: medline plus
she also need a laser treatment.

i still remember her look. she was pale and skinny, she can't do anything... when we went home after surgery and chemo, she was only sleeping in her bed.
after 2 weeks, she started to wash her own hair.

every month she went to hospital for treatments, and after 2 years of treatment that cancer is gone.

its not easy to face a cancer. i'm proud of her courrage..fight to something that will take family's happiness..
she's strong....yes she is.

i proudly say my mum is a SURVIVOR!!

now, i'm married... i should do an annual check up... papsmear, a thing that my mum never do.

The health care provider will insert an instrument (speculum) into your vagina and open it slightly to see inside the vaginal canal.
The health care provider will take a sample of cells from outside and inside the canal of the cervix by gently scraping the outside of the cervix with a wooden or plastic spatula, then inserting a small brush that looks like a pipe cleaner into the canal.
The cells are placed on a glass slide, or put in a bottle containing a preservative, and then sent to the lab for examination. for more information please visit medline plus

yesterday, i visited hospital to do papsmear, who say that papsmear is hurt?  it didn't...
now i'm waiting for the result in 2 weeks, hopefully the results is good. *crossing fingers*

so please please, please... do that test...the earlier you know...the easier to cure that cancer cell... and of course little less money.

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