Wednesday, March 9, 2011

measurement and weighin

okay, this is my measurement...

actually only on my waist : 83 cm
weight : 51kg

and this is my plan :
  • i want to have a "tight" belly. thats mean i need to work out on my belly by doing sit-up
  1. 3sets of 10
  2. 1 set of 10 to my torso
  3. and 3 sets of back up.
that is for a week. and it will be increase in the next week.
  • for losing weight. i am joining an aerobic class 2x a week. on Tuesday and Thursday(Yaiy, as my wish!). 
i didnt mention any diet. heheheheh... i would still eat 3x a day..and eat rice or anykind of carbo, but not much. Cuz i think i need energy to burn, right? *just my 2cents :p

OMG! it is so simple if i just write it down. but how can i do in real life? i guess there must be very much obstacle from inside and out :P

So, i hope i can stick to what i've planned.

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